Check out the colours of our threads used to weave your labels

At, when When we produce woven labels we used polyester threads, we have a set of base colours for the standard labels and about 300 different other colours for the woven labels with own graphics (a.k.a. Advanced Configuration). If you find it difficult to identify the right colour using the Pantone C classification, you can also take a look at the images below. These threads are numbered on our advanced configuration page with the number and its relative Pantone C colour. We use these colours to weave millions of labels each year, we are sure that you can find your nearest match with a little bit of patience. At the bottom of this page you will find the base colours used in the standard woven labels, including the sparkling threads. You can click on each image and zoom in to see the colours much closer.

Blue Threads
Green Threads
href=””>Red ThreadsapPurple ThreadshicsPink ThreadsOrange ThreadsCream/Off-White ThreadsYellow ThreadsGrey Threads.Brown Threads Base-Colors Threads for Woven Labels


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