Aurora Potenti was born in 1983 at Castiglioncello (Livorno), Tuscany, with the gift of drawing and a deep, natural instinct for harmony and beauty, infact she learnt to grow both of these natural inclinations since she was a child, so that both of them helped to give a voice to her own ideas of elegance and style. An indispensable contribution to make this happen, was given by the fact that her mother and grandmother have both a deep passion for sewing, costume’s history and fashion, while her dad and grandfather are both draughtsmen, painters and with a deep passion for every form of art. Thanking all the knowledge shared by her family around, Aurora has no difficulty to enrich her background in the field of art’s expression and she feels free to develop her creative vocation according her own standards.

Thanking this importance given to the freedom value, when it’s time for her to decide which way to direct her training, Aurora prefers to choose to not attend fashion schools, but instead to continue to freely develop her own taste, being sure that the self-taught is so important for an artist, as these essential components are useful to achieve the goal of producing something unique. As an act of rebellion against institutions of the sector, which make young people believe to be necessary and an obligatory passage to fully enter into the jobs around the world of fashion, and as a sort of challenge against herself to value how far she could go by herself, without any friendship working in that field, and with little budget to invest, Aurora continues her training by herself in the country where she was born, and by participating in the meantime, in prestigious national and international competitions for young designers.

During 1997 something happened that induced her to take the decision to tackle fashion as a lifestyle choice: Gianni Versace, the famous designer she admired since chilhood who represented the model she was dreaming to become to, the couturier she considered her own master, even if inderictly, was murdered, and she felt so deeply inside this tragedy that she decided to pay a tribute to him devoting all of her future efforts into fashion world. Then three years later, during 2000, at the age of seventeen, Aurora has produced her first small collection of clothes from her clothing line. with the help of her seamstresses and artisans of the area, used to open their doors to tailoring, and teaching them to carry stuff from its draft paper into clothes. The following ten years were mainly dedicated to refine her skills and knowledge, for the improvement of her style and perfecting her ways to express it. She so understood that quality of production cannot be compromised over quantity, so for example for the same price, she choosed to produce a smaller number of stuff with rich fabrics rather than more poorly clad in big number.

She also discovered that she can not be content of the first ideas which come to her head and first products designed and manufactured by her hands, instead she found a deep a passion in searching new forms and volumes, or unusual ones: at first with the innocence of youth, then increasing self-awareness, Aurora creates original designs that are valid, and received the appreciation of many journalists and critics on many magazines and blogs .

It ‘s only in 2010, however, that the greatest satisfaction arriveed for her: ELLE magazine (Italian edition), in the July and October copy, dedicates two articles to Aurora. In particular, in the second of them, titled “Talent Factory”, the name of Aurora is listed as one of the eight ones on which the Italian fashion of the future should aim and invest. With endless joy, Aurora can finally say to herself she has succeeded, at least in part, to achieve an important goal: keeping the promise given years before that she could obtain some satisfaction all by herself, without anyone’s help, but only thanking herself, her perseverance and her family, who always believed in her. But the goal in fashion, as in any field where passion guides work, is never feeling arrived somewehre, so Aurora’s story has just begun …


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