Monsieur London

Dedicated to men accessories, Monsieur London offers a product selection from the male closet classics: leather gloves, hats, flat caps, ties, bow ties, braces, cufflinks and bags.

Crafted by some of the best workers of their specialty, our products come from regional traditions known for their great know-how heritage. Our gloves are produced in Millau, France, our flat caps come from a farm in the Hebrides, Scotland, and our ties from the only company allowed to produce royal Irish poplin in northern Ireland. All our accessories are proofs of their producing region skills.

Monsieur London was born in a Colombian leather craft back-shop, between skins, colorful threads and old tools, maturated on the Pan-American Highway, to the insistent sounds of night buses hitting the Andes bad asphalt roads. It was then created in London, on a Savile Row pub moist table, as “Monsieur London” is above all a travel result. The one which lead us from Anchorage to Ushuaia, on a 19,000 miles long trip, then in London, to establish our project. A more demanding lifestyle, but also a freer and more gratifying one. Slowing a little bit the time flow, and taking the time. Straightening one’s tie, smelling a good scotch, and sitting with a book. Consuming less, and better. To know above all the values of things, and care about it. Take the trouble to be simple, which is just another word for elegant.

As a result of this approach, the online retail shop is designed like a cocoon. A place to give males customers an access to elegant accessories, crafted with traditional techniques, in an ethical way and for a fair price. A club atmosphere, uniting demanding men around common values and a shared love for exceptional products.

We hope you will enjoy browsing our website and fall in love with the quality of our products. If you do, take advantage of our special 10% discount LX0REMV07RY1 that will run until the 9th of November.


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