Colour contrast on woven labels

If you have ordered from our website, we are sure you have noticed an option available called ‘Pure Colour’. We are always asked by customers why they should add this option. The pure colour option should be selected when creating woven labels using high contrast colours.

In pure colour woven labels, an extra white thread is woven in to the labels to keep the colours bright and intense. If you are creating woven labels with high contrast colours, for example white (background colour) & red (text), the extra thread that is woven into the label will keep the white background colour bright. Without the pure colour option the white background colour will appear more pinkish because the white & red threads are woven together.

This also applies for woven labels with dark background colours and light text colours, for example a black background with white text. If you do not select the pure colour option you will see a bit of the white thread peeking through the labels.

In the pure colour labels you will see a bit of extra thread woven in the back of the labels. This is because there are three threads being used to weave instead of two.

We strongly recommend the pure colour option to clients that want woven labels that maintain a bright, intense colour effect.


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