Folding Woven Labels

When creating woven labels with your own logo / design, there are different folding options available to choose from. Middle Folding – Vertical & Horizontal and Edge Folding

Middle folding (horizontal / vertical), are folds that are added to labels that are going to be sewn on the outside or seams of products. This is so that your customers can clearly see your brand name and logo from any direction while looking at your products. This is a great solution for those who produce bags, scarves, and small objects such as gloves, underwear or hats. These types of labels can also be sewn in to the sleeve, pocket or hem of t-shirts, sports shirts and/ or beachwear.

Edge folding is an extra 6-7mm of fabric that is added to the left and right of the labels and folded behind the label, for the ease of sewing. This option is usually chosen by those who sew their labels on to ties, the back of shirts, back of pants etc.


Everything you need to know about creating custom labels and ribbons for your brand.
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