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About Chi Chi Dee Handmade:

Hello! I’m Leanne Garrity, self-taught designer and maker of fashion and lifestyle accessories for my small independent label, Chi Chi Dee Handmade. I’m currently based in east-London. I mostly sell my products online at Etsy, Folksy and more recently, Dawanda, to countries all around the world. My products are also currently sold at select boutiques in London and Amsterdam.

I make a diverse range of products including peter pan collars, fingerless gloves, eye masks, jewellery, homewares, toys, cases for electronic devices, sewing accessories and even baby wear! But my most popular items are my hair accessories, like stretch jersey headbands and tie up headscarves in an assortment of colours and patterns. I think they are so popular because they are pretty, affordable, comfortable and practical – great for bad hair days, those in-between hairstyle stages and to protect the hair from extreme weather conditions like sun, wind and rain.

Like my products, my background is also very diverse! I’ve always been drawn to creative things but I discovered crafting in a very round-about way. I think what appealed to me most about making things by hand was the concept of turning nothing into something, like a form of alchemy! It was very engaging and satisfying. The concept of recycling and upcyling old clothing into new accessories appealed hugely. Not only were my handmade items unique but they also projected a positive message about supporting practices that have a low impact on the environment.

I started selling my products back in 2008. My little business has followed me around the world from London to Germany, Greece, Australia and now full-circle back to where I started. I love the flexibility of it and being my own boss, although I find I can sometimes be my own personal slave driver!

If you would like to find out more, please come and visit me at:

Here are my online shops:

Thanks for reading!

Love Leanne xx
Chi Chi Dee Handmade


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