A bit about evajeanie:

I am a textiles and graphic designer. I work with a mix of vintage and modern fabrics. I make beautiful homewares and gifts that I embellish with details from designs that I draw.

My designs are very illustrative and I have found that the technique free machine embroidery best suits my style, I love how it allows you to ‘sketch’ with the threads. I have enjoyed drawing, painting and making things from a very young age but am happiest when playing with fabric.

My work is all hand made; hand sewn by me in my studio in Northamptonshire. Each piece is exquisitely crafted with great love and attention to detail. Whilst pieces are often replicated, no two will ever be the same and that is what makes each one such a treasure. I endeavour to show my personality through my work.

I try to make each piece unique and most pieces can be personalised.

My shop address is:

My blog address is:

About admin@labelname.co.uk

Everything you need to know about creating custom labels and ribbons for your brand.
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