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How to create woven labels with your own logo / design. We know how important it is for our customers to have labels with their own logo / design that reflect the image of their brand. Therefore we have created a webpage where you can configure your labels to your exact specifications, from the sizes, number of colours, folds, to uploading your actual design. We are proud to say we are the only website in the UK that offers this service.

Before ordering you should take moment to watch our video user guide on how to use our online configurator. Please also read the information below and check that your graphic image is in a valid format. Check to be sure that the size you specify and actual size of your graphic image are the same, the number of colours you choose should reflect the exact number of colours you have in your graphic image.

Prices vary according to the label surface, quantity, number of colours, folding etc. The prices are visible on the page and will automatically update when you change one of the properties mentioned above. All prices include VAT. The min. order for woven labels with your own logo is 300 pieces.

You will find a step by step guide explaining all of the features available on our online configurator below.

Label Type
There are 4 different label types available to choose from.
Standard – If you have already created your graphic image and have left a min. of 4mm on either side of your label for sewing, then choose the standard option. The labels will arrive already cut and ready to sew on to your products. The edges of our woven labels are welded in order in insure that they will not scratch or fray.

Edge folding – Is an extra 6-7mm of material that is added to the left / right of the labels and folded behind, used to sew on to your products.
Taffeta – Is an extra 6-7 mm of material that is added to the left & right or top & bottom of your labels, it is not folded, this is for the ease of sewing.
Folding – If you would like your woven labels folded, you can select either middle folding vertical or horizontal. Make sure that when creating your graphic images that you align your image in the direction you want your customers to read your labels when they are attached to your products.

Label Width
The size of your labels should reflect the size of your graphic image. Once you have measured the width of your graphic image, enter the size on our website by moving the button to the left or right. Our sizes vary from 10mm (1cm) to 100mm (10cm). If you have already decided to add taffeta or edge folding do not worry about adding extra space in to your graphic image, or calculating the extra 6-7mm in to your total size, we will do this, you just need to concentrate on your logo/design. Please make sure that the sizes of your graphic image reflect the sizes that you have chosen on our website before you send us the file. We do check each file but even we can sometimes make mistakes, so if your file is not in the correct sizes this could effect how long you may have to wait for your labels because you may need to make changes etc.

Label Height
This is similar to the width of your label, input the height you would like your labels to be. Make sure that the height of your label is in line with the height of your graphic image. Please check this before sending us your graphic file.

Select the amount of woven labels you would like to purchase. The amounts range from 300 pieces to 10, 000 pieces. Once you select an amount you will see an instant price quotation in the top right corner of the website.

Number of Colours
You can create woven labels with 2 colours up to 6 colours. Keep in mind that 1 colour is always the background colour. If you choose two colours 1 colour is your background colour and the second colour is the colour of your logo. If you choose 6 colours, 1 colour is your background, and the other 5 are the colours in your logo.

Colour 1 / Tape
Choose the exact colour that you want as your background colour. We have a list of basic colour options available, and if you are unable to find the colour you are looking for there we have an entire list of coloured threads we have available in the factory. If you click on the colour you would like and scroll down the page you will find a complete list of all pantone colours codes to choose from. Please pay attention to the colours you choose and keep in mind that the colour on your screen will never be the exact same as you see with your naked eye.

Colour 2 (3,4,5,6)
Choose colours that represent the colours you have included in your graphic image. Try to select colours that are high in contrast, if however you select low contrast colours think about adding the pure colour option to your labels. It costs a bit more but it will make a difference. The more colours you add to your label the more the labels will cost. We recommend that you spend time and choose your colour combinations carefully.

To ease you the sewing process, add the taffeta option. This option is used frequently by those who need to sew their labels in to the seams of their products, ie: cushions.

Pure Colour
Add the pure colour option if you have chosen high contrast colours and would like the background colour of your label to remain bright and intense. For more information about the pure colour option please read the our FAQ:

Message or Comments
Please write us to inform us of any other specifications for your labels that you feel are important.

Time of Production
Your labels will arrive to you within 15 business days. Please do not call us before 15 business days are finished asking where your labels are. You can check the status of your order online, just click on ‘Order Status’ on the top right corner of our website and insert your order number and email address.

Uploading your graphic
The following types of graphic files can be uploaded.:
PDF, JPG & TIFF in a 300 dpi resolution and colours CMYK .

NOTE: In order to avoid an order that can not be produced or that the quality is not in line with your expectations, be sure not to send:
- Low-resolution graphics.
- Graphics with proportions other than those set. Example: a square graphic with measurements as a rectangle.
- Graphics in colours that do not correspond to those selected.
- Graphics with shadows, patterns and details that can not be reproduced on fabric.
- A design that does not provide a margin of at least 4mm at the edges for sewing if there is no edge folding or taffeta.
-Text that is not at least 2mm high.

**The file is sent to us and does not appear as a preview on this page.

Here is a video user guide that takes you through creating and ordering labels step by step.
Labelname's video user guide


Everything you need to know about creating custom labels and ribbons for your brand.
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